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cynap videobar


Where Clarity meets Collaboration

This all-in-one AV system combines Cynap’s award-winning wireless presentation tech with a 4K AI camera and a beamforming array microphone, enhanced by Fohhn’s premium speaker system. Experience unmatched clarity of speech and sound, perfect for business presentations, video conferences, and multimedia playback. With sound optimization tools, customize audio to your room’s acoustics.

The Cynap Videobar excels in ensuring collaboration equity, making every participant, whether in-room or remote, clearly heard. Ideal for hybrid meetings, it integrates simplicity, performance, and inclusivity.

Discover the Cynap Videobar at ISE 2024 in our new ‘Cynap Videobar Experience Room’ to truly appreciate the exceptional sound quality of this videobar.

VZ-2.UHD Visualizer

Superb new entry-level document camera – launching at ISE 2024

Launching at ISE 2024, the VZ-2.UHD Visualizer is WolfVision’s latest innovation in imaging technology. This superb new entry-level document camera is designed to ignite creative working and learning, and is suitable for both traditional and hybrid environments.

Compact, affordable, and easy to use, the VZ-2.UHD offers stunning 4K UHD picture quality, automatic operation and adjustment-free lighting, and is perfect for dynamic working and learning environments. Its 4K rotating camera can double as a web conferencing camera, and the integrated network interface enables efficient remote management and administration.

wolfvision vz2.uhd
vsolution composer

vSolution COMPOSER

Game-changer in dual-screen content handling

Join us at ISE 2024 for an exclusive look at the new vSolution COMPOSER feature for Cynap Pro system, a game-changer in dual-screen content handling for education, courtroom, meeting, and hybrid corporate environments. This unique feature allows advance content preparation on a connected monitor, with drag-and-drop functionality for delivering dynamic presentations easily on dual displays, all managed through an intuitive touchscreen interface.

vSolution MATRIX

Revolutionizing Collaborative Working and Learning

Explore the future of collaboration with the new version of our vSolution MATRIX AVoIP multi-screen content sharing solution. Our award-winning system now boasts an array of new features and enhanced functionality, setting a new standard in multi-screen collaboration.

Among its many enhancements, vSolution MATRIX is now equipped to support dual screen main displays, elevating its versatility and performance, and is ideal for active learning classrooms, courtrooms, council meeting spaces, and training rooms.

vSolution MATRIX
q-sys vcore integration

Q-SYS vCore Integration

Next level room control and automation

Welcome to the next level of room control and automation with WolfVision’s Q-SYS vCore virtual machine integration for Cynap Pro and Cynap Core Pro. A proud member of the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program, we’re thrilled to showcase this innovative integration.

We’re committed to delivering comprehensive, all-in-one solutions and this integration enhances the already robust capabilities of our Cynap systems, providing a seamless blend of our award-winning wireless presentation and collaboration technology together with the advanced room control and automation features of Q-SYS Core solutions.

Panopto integration

Cynap systems as capture agent for Panopto

Explore the innovative integration of WolfVision’s Cynap systems with Panopto at ISE 2024. This powerful combination enhances video content management, offering easy video capture, advanced scheduling, and remote management. Witness the seamless presentation of multiple video streams in Panopto’s interactive HD player, with WolfVision ensuring a high-quality, multi-camera experience.

wolfvision panopto
vSolution Link Pro

vSolution Link Pro

Effortless device remote management – now cloud-enhanced

Visit us at ISE 2024 to experience the power of vSolution Link Pro, now cloud-enhanced for platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS. This innovative solution offers effortless remote management of WolfVision systems from anywhere. Ideal for installations of any size, vSolution Link Pro supports up to 5,000 devices with an intuitive, browser-accessible interface. Simplify firmware updates and system monitoring with vSolution Link Pro.

Hybrid Collaboration

Experience WolfVision’s innovative Cynap BYOD/BYOM technology

Join us at ISE 2024 to experience WolfVision’s innovative Cynap BYOD/BYOM technology, revolutionizing collaboration in meeting rooms, classrooms, and courtrooms. Cynap systems enable seamless connection across devices – laptops, smartphones, or tablets – ensuring everyone, anywhere, can participate equally in a unified digital space.

BYOM and BYOD functionalities offer flexibility and equal access to content, fostering an inclusive environment. Witness how WolfVision’s Cynap technology is setting the standard for equitable, engaging, and efficient hybrid collaboration. Elevate your collaborative experiences to new heights!

hybrid collaboration

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